The Bench

This is certainly an unusual cuvée in the wine world, where 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Syrah are blended together. Historically, the wines of the Burgundy as well as Bordeaux benefitted from the introduction of a little bit of Syrah. Even the classified Chateau of Bordeaux saw some Syrah blended to enhance the aroma of the Cabernet. At Bien Nacido, for almost 50 years, we have grown Pinot Noir, and we were the first to plant Syrah in cool climate California. Because our history is entwined in these two grapes, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to create a blend that is purely Bien Nacido Estate. The wine is aged in all neutral French oak, and has a moderate body. This can sometimes walk the line of both grapes, showcasing bright red fruits of Pinot Noir with the floral and meaty elements of the Syrah. Paired with a simple grilled Tri Trip and Chimichurri, it is easily our most enjoyable wine young.

Vineyard Sites

Estate: Bien Nacido Vineyard
Appellation: Santa Maria Valley
County: Santa Barbara County
Vyd Area: 600-900 Ft. Elevation, 16 Miles From The Pacific Ocean.


50% Pinot Noir, Pommard, 115, 828, Mt. Eden 50% Syrah, Syrah Estrella

Vine Age

Planted in 2020


2.1 Tons Per Acre






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Elder, and Chamise shaly loams with Pleasanton sandy loam. The vineyard has a great diversity of soil containing loam, shales, uplifted marine volcanics, and limestone.

Starting as a unique blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Syrah, The Bench was always meant to represent the variety and quality of fruit from our most important part of the vineyard. Pinot Noir brings the crunchy fruits of cranberry, Bing cherry and pomegranate and contrasts those beautifully with blueberry, blackberry, and black pepper. The play off each other in a fresh and singular look at the breadth of Bien Nacido Vineyard when multiple varietals are blended. To preserve the purity of the fruit blend, we always showcase this blend in neutral oak.